I arrived Istanbul and also managed to buy the ticket for tomorrow to go to Belgrade. My train this morning was two hours late. I hope we don't arrive so late in Belgrade, bevause there is only 1,5 hours time to buy ticket and take the train to Vienna. If I miss this train, I have to stay overnight in Belgrade :-( So please wish me good luck for at least this time, the train arrives on time.... Or only 30m minutes late...

23.9.07 16:21


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arash (24.9.07 09:37)
hi traveler
how do u do?is stanbul weather is as weel as bushehr?!!!but belive me the wather has changed in the recent 10 days and now u can turn off cooler for half a day.i also pray very much 4 your train being on time.i also hope the best time for u 4 rest of the trip.enjoy yourself.have a nice time honey.

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