Konya - arrival


I arrived well in Konya, and after putting my luggage in a hotel (I wondered if I am the only guest, because so many doors were open), I went to the train station and wanted to buy my ticket to IStanbul. For tomorrow, Friday. But really, no luck: all trains tomorrow are cancelled. So I only go a ticket for the Saturday evening night train which makes me arrive in Istanbul on Sunday 23 september early morning. So I only stay one night there, and I will stay with Mehmets family. Mehmet is a friend of the carpet sellers in Kayseri and I met him during my first stay in Kayseri. I haven't seen anything in Konya yet. But as I have to stay here one day more than expected, it is no problem, I have much time....

Yesterday, in the Ihlara hotel, I had a nice discussion with a Suedish guy who had visited Iran 4 years ago. He traveled there with his girlfriend. Most of the time, they were together, but when she was alone, she had the same impressions as me. So I am lucky that the Iranians are really like I met them and they were not just stupid with me but with every western woman who walks alone in the streets. And he had the same impression about Iran and all the Middle East countries: that people very often are friendly, but very often just because of business or another very selfish reason and only very few of them are really interested in the foreign person they are talking to...



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