Kayseri - Mount Erçiyes

Yesterday I climbed the Mount Erçiyes, an ex-volcanoe next to Kayseri. It is a nice mountain, but quite high, I was walking at aroung 3000m and the wind was cold, but sun very strong. So at least during the last week of my travel, I managed to get a red face ;-)

And I did the carpet business. And now I ask myself, if the people here are only nice to you if you do the business with them. It is not clear. But defintely, it is not what we call friendship, even if they always say 'my friend' and things like that. What is annoyıng here is that even if you tell a carpet seller that you alread made business in another shop, they will continue to try to get you into their shop. That's stupid. No tourist will make business in more than one shop. The tourists here are more the kind of simple tourist and not millionairs...But the sellers here really believe that everybody needs lots of carpets. And that everybody is rich.

I decided to go to Ihlara Valley next, it is not far from Kayseri and on half-way to Konya. And I can do hiking there, and in the middle of the valley, I hope there are no sellers any more.

I also put the newest schedule only. I think it will be the last, only if they don't give me train tickets I have to change my plans. I should be in Trier again Thursday 27 september.

18.9.07 10:46


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