I am in Gaziantep now and there is no need for headscarfes here any more :-) So today is the first 'free' day.

I can't tell anything about the cıty because I arrived this morning with the night bus from Bitlis (two hours late) and I was so tired that I just went to a hotel and slept. But I will have at least two days here so enough time to see everything. I just wanted to buy a train ticket but the man convinces me that it would be better to take a bus to Adana (3hrs, no night bus...) and take a train there. The problem is that I only can buy the ticket in Adana. So maybe, again another 'no free seat'. But the man said, it is a long train and no problems with seats....

Bye, Anja

12.9.07 15:44


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