Last little stop in Teheran


I arrived well by bus in Teheran but now I am really terrible tired, the bus trip started on 4pm and finished around 8:30am... Much faster than all the train options but without a bed, it`s just impossible to sleep. And the girl next to me took my window place, so it was even harder than with the window. My night train to Tabriz leaves at 7pm, still 9 hours to be awake. But I'll just go to my favourite Teheran bakery shop and hope that their little cakes wake me up. Teheran is not cold but compared to Bushehr, weather seemed really like in paradise this morning. And although it might seem impossible to catch a cold in Busheher, I managed to get one, because there are always changes between cold air-conditioned rooms and the hot and humid outside air.

In Tabriz, I'll probably stay one night in order to take a shower ;-)

And then next morning cross the border and I'll be back in Turkey again. What`s next is not completely sure, as I am still waiting for some answers from Turkish people.



6.9.07 08:32


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