Shiraz - Friday


Friday is holiday in Iran and there wasn`t much to do for me today. I saw all the men coming out of Shiraz biggest mosque, and there were so many soldiers to protect them, they were standing on the roof and at the entrance doors, it seemed really strange. I also took one nice photo in this mosque. At the exit, someone saw the camera in my hands, and he said no photos. But I just said ok and went outside so no I have my picture from inside an active mosque :-) most of the persons were already outside but some nice tchador-women couldn`t escape from my picture:-)

I also saw a very holy place, a pilgrimage site, with a shrine, but I forgot who lies inside the shrine. It was the first place where I had to where the tchador. I could borrow one, but it was so short that one old woman inside the courtyard showed me that my legs are outside the tchador. But inside the Shrine, the guardian women didn`t throw me out. they were all kissing the Shrine so I didn`t stay a long time inside this place.

My last `monument` today was a nice garden with a kind of palais inside. Shiraz is famous for lemon trees, and they were also standing in this garden. And whole Iran is famous for pistachios, and yesterday evening I bought my first new pistachios. They look different from those we buy in Europe. Around the pistachio, there is some kind of `skin` like walnuts have it before falling down from the trees. Of course, not such a thick skin...

Tomorrow will be very tiring day for me: I asked the hotel manager to wake me up at 6:30, then I go to the bus station and try to visit the archeological sites of Pasargadae and Persepolis by public transport. Someone told me that I shouldn`t visit Pasargadae because it is smaller then Persepolis but I think, I probably never come back here so it might be better to go to this place. It will be terrible hot because the Persepolis area is more desert than Shiraz, but today I survived the Shiraz weather so I`ll do the same tomorrow in the desert... At least I am lucky that I have not been here two weeks ago when there were another 5 degree more... My hotel room is really nice and has always the same temperature where you don`t have to sweat, and I drunk several of the fresh fruit juices you get everywhere in Iran and crushed ice-drinks, so the temperatures don`t make me feel too bad.

And I bought my bus ticket for Bushehr today, I leave here Sunday afternoon and arrive Busheher around 9pm. I think it`s better not to arrive there during daytime.

in shiraz are already some arabs on the streets, I think there will be even more in Bushehr. That changes a littlebit from the black iranian street ambiance.

As I only left my hotel around 12 today, I think I really made enough tourism for today ;-)



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