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After a nice day in Esfahan - we were in the garden of my host family and made harvest of almonds, and lots of discussion with Raana - I took my bus to Shiraz. Shiraz is really hot, even in the evening there seems to be no difference. During the bus trip, I had a nice woman next to me. But in Shiraz, I don`t have a host, and my contact person seems to be in Teheran and therefore not available. So I took a hotel, and this time I didn`t even try to take the cheapest one but took one which smelt clean (yes, no mistake, it really smelt clean). I will stay the next three nights there.

From Shiraz bus terminal, you have to take a taxi to reach the city center. I told the driver very often that I want to have a shared taxi (which should cost around 2000 Iranian Rials) and not a private taxi (which is 10.000 Iranian Rials). But he didn`t take other passengers, and I think he was no real taxi driver because he asked other drivers where to go. At the end, he asked me the fare of a private taxi. I don`t agree with this behaviour, because I told him around fifty times during the trip `taxi naa dar baste`, no private taxi... He even phoned to someone and told that a crazy german woman alwazs says naa dar baste - I don`t speak farsi, but this was easy to understand. At the end, I paid him 5000 Rials because I had no little money. Next time, I should walk instead of taking another stupid taxi. The problem is, that, to access the interesting historical sites of Pasargadae and Persepolis, one needs some kind of taxi. Maybe I find a minibus, that`s easier than a taxi, they never charge me unusual fares... My hotel receptionist said that there are minibuses to Pasargadae from the bus terminal. But he speaks hardly English so it`s too difficult to ask me at which team they leave and how often etc. I think I am in one of the hotels that don`t have many foreign guests, it was not mentioned in the guidebooks and the hotels mentioned in the guidebook were full this afternoon. After this travel, I should write my own guidebook ;-)

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