Esfahan - visa extension

Guidebooks say that Esfahan is the best place in Iran to make a visa extension. I tried it today. Because they gave me 22 day visa instead of 30 day visa, I had to make this extension.

And sorry, but when Esfahan is the easiest place, how are the other one`s... For me, it was just a terrible thing, going from one person to another, going to a bank to pay the money, going back to the visa office and again from one person to another, finally hand out the lady Hosseini all documents and hear `wait`. Then you sit and wait and sit and wait. Tomorrow is the big holiday, and people told me that the office will close today already at 12. So 5 to 12, I went to Miss Hosseini and ask if the passport is ready. Very unfriendly answer was only I told you to wait outside. Finally, after in total 3 hours, I got my passport with the extension back. It`s just a stamp in the passport...Sorry LonelyPlanet, but visa extension in Esfahan is definitely no fun!

My plan was to visit the Jameh Mosque today, Irans biggest mosque, but as shops are closed tomorrow I should also do some shopping and maybe then I don`t have time for this mosque any more.

I got my bus ticket for Shiraz. I take a bus Thursday morning and arrive there in the evening.  And as Friday is again holiday (like our Sunday), maybe you should wait several days for news from Iran.

Sunday I want to take the bus Shiraz/Bushehr, and then on Wednesday 05.09. I have a train ticket from ahvaz which is not too far away from Bushehr to Teheran, and on Thursday a train ticket for the night train Teheran/Tabriz. Friday 07 september I think taking a bus from Tabiz to Orumyeh and next day Orumyeh to Van in Turkey. Or I go the same way wack to Van as I came, which means via Bazargan. Finally, it just depends on available bus tickets...So now, you are informed about the newest timetables.

Bye, Anja


28.8.07 13:23


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