Timetables for the whole trip 2007 including newest version Esfahan-Germany


Sunday, 29.07.07 Trier-Bukarest 9:09-13:55 (Montag) 1 night in train

Monday, 30.07.07 until Tuesday, 31.07. in Bukarest (1 night hostel)

Tuesday, 31.07.07 Bukarest-Istanbul 13:24-08:24 (Wednesday) 1 night in train

Wednesday, 01.08. until Saturday, 04.08. in Istanbul (3 nights hostel, or only two nights and then continue to Konya, depending on connections Konya-Van)

Saturday, 04.08. Istanbul-Konya 19:20-08:21 (Sonntag) 1 night train ca. 30$

Sunday, 05.08. until Tuesday, 07.08 in Konya and Kayseri/Coppadocia (2 nights hostel in Konya and Coppadocia, and visit CouchSurfing members Selda in Konya and Suzi in Kayseri / Coppadocia)

Wednesday, 08.08. From Coppadocia to Lake Van, catching the train at Sivas....

Thursday, 09.08. until Friday, 10.8. Lake Van, 1 night hostel

Friday, 10.8. Van-Tabriz 18:25-6:50 (Saturday) 1 night train

Saturday, 11.8. until Monday, 13.08. Tabriz and surroundings 2 nights hostel (stay with Mohamad Family)

Monday, 13.08. Tabriz-Teheran 19:40-7:50 (Tuesday) 1 night train

Teheran: three nights (several contacts HC/CS members, stay with Arya, meet other CS/HC members)

Friday, 17.08. Train Teheran-Sari 9:40-20:40, 17.500 IR

Sari: two nights hostel (CS contact Rashid)

Sunday, 19.8. Savari Sari-Gorgan, IR 4.000, 2h

Gorgan: two nights hostel (HC contact Yousef)

Tuesday, 21.8. Bus Gorgan-Mashhad, 20.000 IR, 10,5h, departure frequently (or: Gorgan-Yazd, and visit Masshad at the end of travel, and stay in Gorgan until 24th august and visit wedding ceremony 23rd august)

Masshad: three nights hostel (maybe meet CS Hassan)

Friday, 24.8. Train Mashhad-Yazd (only Fridays!!!) 9:00-8:00, 89.750 IR

Yazd: 1,5 nights hostel (meet Abbas at Amir Chaghmagh Hostel)

Tuesday, 28.8. Yazd-Esfahan (12h?) 35.000 IR (?)

Esfahan: 3 nights (stay with HC Javad, meet Behrouz)

extend Visa in Esfahan!!! seems a good place to extend visa, traveller reports about it at http://www.seat61.com/Iran.htm.


Saturday, 01.09. Bus Esfahan-Shiraz (no trains exist), 8h, 30.000 IR

Shiraz: 3 (4) nights hostel, exkursion to Persepolis and Shiraz surroundings.... very hot in summer :-( (meet Mojtaba)

Tuesday, 4.9. Bus Shiraz-Bushehr, Bus takes 5h, frequently, 20.000 IR

Bushehr: 2 night hostel (meet Arash and Amin)

Busheher-Tehran: arriving at 8h00 in Teheran

if I didn't visit Masshad before:

Bushehr-Tehran, Tehran-Masshad

Then back to Tehran, then visit places north-west of Tehran

Thursday, 6.9. arriving at 8h00 in Teheran...

Teheran-Istanbul (Trans-Asia-Express, nonstop)

Departure in Teheran only on Thursday!!! Departure 18:35, 13.09.!! 13.09. might be beginning of Ramadan

Arrival in Istanbul: Sunday 16.9. 15:45

Stay 1-2 days in Istanbul

Train Istanbul-Zagreb

Zagreb 2 days

Train Zagreb-Ljubljana

Ljubljana 1 days

Friday, 28.9. Train Ljubljana-Salzburg maybe 12:05-16:48 (Trains leave every 4 hours, trip lasts around 4,5 h), 41,20 Euro (maybe cheaper if bought in Ljubljana?)

Salzburg: 1 day (or two nights?)

Sunday, 30.9. Train Salzburg-Trier 11:53-20:49, 59 Euro


7.7.07 13:55


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