Timetables for the whole trip 2007 including newest version Esfahan-Germany


Sunday, 29.07.07 Trier-Bukarest 9:09-13:55 (Montag) 1 night in train

Monday, 30.07.07 until Tuesday, 31.07. in Bukarest (1 night hostel)

Tuesday, 31.07.07 Bukarest-Istanbul 13:24-08:24 (Wednesday) 1 night in train

Wednesday, 01.08. until Saturday, 04.08. in Istanbul (3 nights hostel, or only two nights and then continue to Konya, depending on connections Konya-Van)

Saturday, 04.08. Istanbul-Konya 19:20-08:21 (Sonntag) 1 night train ca. 30$

Sunday, 05.08. until Tuesday, 07.08 in Konya and Kayseri/Coppadocia (2 nights hostel in Konya and Coppadocia, and visit CouchSurfing members Selda in Konya and Suzi in Kayseri / Coppadocia)

Wednesday, 08.08. From Coppadocia to Lake Van, catching the train at Sivas....

Thursday, 09.08. until Friday, 10.8. Lake Van, 1 night hostel

Friday, 10.8. Van-Tabriz 18:25-6:50 (Saturday) 1 night train

Saturday, 11.8. until Monday, 13.08. Tabriz and surroundings 2 nights hostel (stay with Mohamad Family)

Monday, 13.08. Tabriz-Teheran 19:40-7:50 (Tuesday) 1 night train

Teheran: three nights (several contacts HC/CS members, stay with Arya, meet other CS/HC members)

Friday, 17.08. Train Teheran-Sari 9:40-20:40, 17.500 IR

Sari: two nights hostel (CS contact Rashid)

Sunday, 19.8. Savari Sari-Gorgan, IR 4.000, 2h

Gorgan: two nights hostel (HC contact Yousef)

Tuesday, 21.8. Bus Gorgan-Mashhad, 20.000 IR, 10,5h, departure frequently (or: Gorgan-Yazd, and visit Masshad at the end of travel, and stay in Gorgan until 24th august and visit wedding ceremony 23rd august)

Masshad: three nights hostel (maybe meet CS Hassan)

Friday, 24.8. Train Mashhad-Yazd (only Fridays!!!) 9:00-8:00, 89.750 IR

Yazd: 1,5 nights hostel (meet Abbas at Amir Chaghmagh Hostel)

Tuesday, 28.8. Yazd-Esfahan (12h?) 35.000 IR (?)

Esfahan: 3 nights (stay with HC Javad, meet Behrouz)

extend Visa in Esfahan!!! seems a good place to extend visa, traveller reports about it at


Saturday, 01.09. Bus Esfahan-Shiraz (no trains exist), 8h, 30.000 IR

Shiraz: 3 (4) nights hostel, exkursion to Persepolis and Shiraz surroundings.... very hot in summer :-( (meet Mojtaba)

Tuesday, 4.9. Bus Shiraz-Bushehr, Bus takes 5h, frequently, 20.000 IR

Bushehr: 2 night hostel (meet Arash and Amin)

Busheher-Tehran: arriving at 8h00 in Teheran

if I didn't visit Masshad before:

Bushehr-Tehran, Tehran-Masshad

Then back to Tehran, then visit places north-west of Tehran

Thursday, 6.9. arriving at 8h00 in Teheran...

Teheran-Istanbul (Trans-Asia-Express, nonstop)

Departure in Teheran only on Thursday!!! Departure 18:35, 13.09.!! 13.09. might be beginning of Ramadan

Arrival in Istanbul: Sunday 16.9. 15:45

Stay 1-2 days in Istanbul

Train Istanbul-Zagreb

Zagreb 2 days

Train Zagreb-Ljubljana

Ljubljana 1 days

Friday, 28.9. Train Ljubljana-Salzburg maybe 12:05-16:48 (Trains leave every 4 hours, trip lasts around 4,5 h), 41,20 Euro (maybe cheaper if bought in Ljubljana?)

Salzburg: 1 day (or two nights?)

Sunday, 30.9. Train Salzburg-Trier 11:53-20:49, 59 Euro


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I just got my Iran visa: It's only 22 days, I'll try to get some extra days at the "alien office" in Yazd or Isfahan, according to Lonely Planet they are quite helpful with extending visas in Isfahan...

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Arriving in Bukarest


I have been arriving in Bukarest, had a nice trip with lots of nice people when I went from Koblenz to Vienna and from Vienna to Bukarest, and also got my train ticket to continue to Istanbul tomorrow. I also found a bed to sleep in :-) although thez were full, but they gave me a little bed because I didn't want to look for another place as it's reallz terrible hot here! So there won't be much sight/-seeing in Bukarest, I think. Better to stay insider the house...

Very sweating....Anja

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Bukarest - departure day

Fortunately, last night we had slightly lower temperature here in Bukarest than they had the days before. And today, they announce "only" 32 degrees. But I think I will stay in the hostel and then go directly to the train station because walking with luggage within the city, even with only 32 degrees, it's not a pleasure. And the people in the hostel also say that Bukarest is not really a place zou have to visit....Most of the people just come here to stay one night and then continue in another town. I discovered that they gave me a reservation for smoker yesterday when I bought my Istanbul train ticket. I will try to change it today, travelling with smokers around is not what I like to do...

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