As I already made the sights-seeing of Van Castle etc when I was here last time, this morning, I took my time to have one of the delicious Van breakfasts. They have fresh cheese, mıxed with some herbs, and fresh honey from the surroundings, and also some kind of butter. Everythıng from here, no import, and very fresh. In Van, there are really hardly any European tourists and I cannot undestand why, the landscape around Van with lake Van and all the area between Van and the Iranian boarder is just great, there have been volcanoes and it looks like a mix of maybe Ireland, Iceland and Iran because here it is no desert like ın Iran but a littlebit green everywhere. I think it is a great place for people who like horse riding or also just for hiking. And even if there are no hotels in the small villages, they have enough space in their family houses and I am sure you will always find a nice place to sleep. This time, no hiking for me, but as it is not so difficult to come here I am sure I come back for this one day.

The Internetcafe-man just brought me some tea :-) They don't have this tea-culture in Iran (even if the travel guide always talks about tea, but Iranians confırmed me that it is not like in Turkey where tea is just everywhere at all moments of the day - one tea, forty years of friendship).

I look in my Turkish guidebook today. I am not sure if it is possible with the bus connections, but if yes, I might go to some cities in South-Eastern Anatolia before going to Kayseri. I thought about going from Bitlis to Urfa and then to Antep and then to Kayseri via Malatya. Maybe also a little stop in Batman after Bitlis. Batman is a little town at the Tigris river. And it has such a nice name :-)

Today a made a no-headscarf-morning but I think when I take the bus to Bitlis, headscarf will be with me again ;-)

Bye, Anja 

9.9.07 10:47


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